Consultation with our certified exceptional needs specialist
Brianna Edgerton
the Special Education Specialist
Western Carolina University 2014-2017
Teaching Licensure and Certification
Northwestern State University 2009-2011
Bossier Parish Community College2007-2009
*National Board Certification received in December 2021
My name is Brianna, and I am the Special Education Specialist at ChildOne. I have more than ten years experience in the field of special education and have obtained a National Board’s Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist. My mission is to help you understand better the needs of your child and based on that formulate the goals.
I love to collaborate with parents and caretakers and have found that the best way to pull out a child’s greatest potential is to work as a team while always remembering that every child can learn. I am so delighted to be working alongside this team of individuals who have the same mindset that learning may look different from child to child. We have to adapt our skills in a way that meets each learner. I look forward to working with parents and caretakers as we discuss how your child can best be supported.